Working Out the Water Way

water exercises

Water is a major part of staying healthy – after all, our bodies are over 70% H2O! But besides staying hydrated, there are other ways water improves our body’s health. Water exercises allow us to have a more relaxed workout experience while still burning a lot of calories. Being active in a body of water does a lot of good for the body – just ask Michael Phelps. But what are some exercises we can do while swimming in the pool? Keep reading for some of our favorites!


Treading water is already a great way to burn some calories, and the k-tread helps focus on specific areas like the arms, abs, chest, back, and hamstrings. While in the deep end of the pool, make small circles with your hands cupped to stay afloat. While floating, hold your right leg up at a 90 degree angle and point the toes on your left foot towards the bottom of the pool. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then switch legs. Continue in this pattern for 30 seconds, or however long feels comfortable.

Pike Scull

The pike scull is another water treading technique, but this one involves more than holding your head above water – you also keep your toes above water! Stand in the shallow end and slowly sit backwards into the pool. As you’re treading with your hands at your sides, begin to hold your feet out of the water. If done properly, the body will be in a v-shape, which works on the arms, hips, and abs. This exercise should also last 30 seconds, or however long you feel comfortable.

Wave Maker

This exercise involves facing the pool wall, holding the edge of the pool with one hand, and placing the other hand flat against the wall underwater with fingers pointing towards the bottom of the pool. You will then extend your legs and begin the wave-making process! Start moving with your abs, then let the movement roll down your thighs, knees, and feet (similar to how a dolphin swims). This will also last 30 seconds, and exercises the back, abs, and legs.

Water Way Can Help You Stay Healthy!

We provide and deliver quality water to our clients so they can stay hydrated throughout the day. This is extra-important for motivated individuals who are working to improve their well-being. While putting so much focus on exercising in the pool, don’t forget to apply the same standards with the water you drink! Contact us today and improve your water experience.