Working Together to Prevent Water Pollution

water pollution

Most of us are worried about water pollution, but many people still don’t take the time to make changes on a personal level. However, this is important for truly making large-scale changes! By participating in a few easy practices and sharing them with our family and friends, we can set the wheels in motion for a national pollution revolution. Here are some simple ways of improving the condition of our nation’s water.

Watch What Goes Down Your Sink and Toilet

We casually put many things down our toilets, sinks, and showers that could easily go in the trash or elsewhere. One of the most common is fats, oils, and grease while cooking. Put them into a jar and discard the jar every time it fills up!

Individuals also need to avoid flushing cleaning materials down the sink, along with pills and other forms of drugs. If any of these materials are not meant to be thrown away, there are centers that dispose of hazardous waste for the community. Even if you already avoid grease and cleaning materials, there are other items you may not know are bad for our water system.

Even though toilet paper is flushed, that doesn’t mean materials like dust cloths, paper towels, and wrappers should be! Put them in the trash and encourage those around you to do the same. Also, don’t overuse your garbage disposal. Try to throw away or compost solid materials instead of sending them down the sink.

Minimize Use

While controlling what we put into our water system is obviously important, it may surprise some people to know that it’s also important to control how much water we use on a daily basis. A water efficient toilet does wonders, but until you get one, putting a brick in the toilet tank can reduce the amount of water you use! You can also avoid using excess bleach, detergent, and water by waiting to clean your dishes and clothes until you have full loads.

The Water Way

We make it our priority to not only deliver top-quality water today, but make sure that our actions do nothing but ensure quality water in the future. We offer a variety of water products and filters for those looking for a convenient and healthy hydration experience! Contact us today for more information.