Why So Many People Resolve to Drink More Water Each Year

drink more water

Water may not be fancy, but there’s one thing for sure—you can’t live without it. Maybe that’s why people make resolutions each year to drink more water. In fact, bottled water surpassed soft drinks as the top U.S. beverage by volume in 2017, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. And it’s a trend that keeps on growing.

Still, why is it that this simple goodness at its most natural state continues to beat hyped-up competition for hydration? Here are a few reasons for starters.

Zero Calories

As consumers cut down on caffeine and sugary beverages, committing to drink more water serves as a great thirst quencher without adding unwanted pounds. Water is a perfect match for weight loss goals, while also helping keep sugar levels in check and caffeine under control.

Relieves Ailments

If you’ve ever overdone it in the heat of the summer, you know how dehydration feels. Exhaustion takes over, and headache, nausea, and dizziness can set it. Dehydration can also result in body inflammation, digestion issues, and lower concentration. When you drink more water, you help detour ailments like these to feel better and be more productive throughout your day. 

Supports Healthy Organs

Your body’s organs depend on water for proper functioning. When you drink more water, your heart beats easier, your kidneys work stronger, your brain thinks smarter, intestines digest better, and your skin glows healthier

Helps Control Acne

Acne can happen at any point in life, but especially during your teen years and 20s. When you drink more water, you help flush your body of toxins, which can cause acne. As simple as that sounds, it’s definitely worth a try!

Carries in Cool Containers

Water doesn’t have to be boring. There are all kinds of cool new containers in vibrant to sophisticated designs to fill up with hydration. Choose a style to latch onto your backpack. Or go for the 32-ounce size for your desk. Either way, you’ll drink more water and look cool doing it.

Consistently Affordable 

Natural spring, purified, and distilled waters are easy on the budget and available by the bottle, the case, the pallet, or even the truckload. Prefer a water cooler at the office? That’s a great option for your wallet, too, while also encouraging conversation with teammates. 
To learn how Water Way can help you drink more water with scheduled water deliveries to your home or business, give us a call. We can also keep your coffee bar stocked and keep sports drinks in the fridge. Contact Water Way to learn more.