Where Does Our Water Come From?

where does our water come from

It may be a part of our everyday lives, but how many of us know where the water in our homes comes from? Most of us would say we understand the water cycle and its various stages. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and more send water from different sources, like the ocean and river, to the atmosphere and back. But how does this relate to our water?

Groundwater Sources

When it rains, water hits the ground and eventually seeps into the land. Water will naturally take the path of least resistance, which causes it to slowly move throughout the earth. Certain materials like gravel, sand, and clay provide better underground storage units for water. If there are enough open pores in the material underneath the surface, water wells begin to form! An ideal water well will have a confining layer above it. This is a layer of less permeable rock that provides a natural filter for the water, which provides a cleaner drinking experience. Once a sizeable well has been formed, we can dig down and use it for our washing, drinking, and cleaning needs.

Surface-water Sources

The more common source for our drinking water is surface-water sources. This includes natural and man-made sources like rivers, lakes, oceans, reservoirs, streams, and more! Surface-water sources provide a simpler method of obtaining this valuable resource, which is why they account for over 80% of water used in the United States. They do take more effort to filter, but having such a large supply makes it well worth it.


No matter where your water comes from, it will need to be decontaminated. All sorts of diseases are contained in unfiltered water, so this is a very important step. Some of the more common methods are coagulation and flocculation (the use of positively charged chemicals to neutralize the negative aspects of dirt), sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. In addition to these purification methods, you can contact your water supplier for an annual report on the quality of the water being supplied to your home.

Water Way Knows Quality Water

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