What’s the One Thing You Need at a Tailgate? Water!

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Tailgating in the fall during football season is a time-honored tradition – a ritual, even. It’s as important in the South as anything else.

A lot goes into creating the best tailgate experience, especially when it comes to what you should bring. You’ll need a grill or some way to make food; your beverage of choice; folding chairs; maybe a TV; music; a football to toss around; cornhole; and some kind of shade.

You know what you’re missing? One, really important thing: water.

That’s right – you should make sure you have plenty of water on hand when you tailgate.

No One Wants to Watch Football While Dehydrated

Dehydration will ruin your football-watching experience. If you’ve ever been outside in the sweltering heat for any period of time without water, you know just how miserable it can be.

Not having enough water in your system makes everything worse. You’ll get a headache, or will get dizzy, and you’ll feel like you have lead in your arms and legs. You will get more irritable than you would be otherwise (especially if your team turns the ball over). You will feel like crud. It’s not good.

You Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital

Regular dehydration isn’t good for you and it makes you feel bad. But if you are outside in the heat and you are not drinking enough water, you could be in for something even worse: heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Water helps us cool our bodies. It’s one of our best lines of defense against heat-related illnesses, and when you’re seriously dehydrated, you’re more likely to suffer from a heat-related illness.

And those conditions can put you in the hospital – where they may not even have a TV in your room to watch the game.

You can bring beer and burgers to a tailgate, and of course you’ll want to wear your favorite lucky jersey. But one thing you can’t leave at home is plenty of water. Bring lots of crisp, cool water in a cooler full of ice and imbibe frequently – you’ll be glad you did.

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