What Happens to Your Body When You Switch to Only Drinking Water

drinking water

Drinking water is one the best things you can do for your body. In its most natural form, water acts as a remedy for many ailments that can affect the body such as dehydration, joint pain, headaches, exhaustion, and poor digestion and circulation—just to name a few. 

When other elements are added to water, like sugar, preservatives, and colors, it can lose its luster, lowering its ability to naturally benefit the body. If you are currently drinking water via sugary flavored beverages, your body could be missing out.

By switching to only drinking water in healthy daily recommendations, you’re likely to be amazed at how much better your body can feel. Check out the top five benefits to only drinking water.

Improved Control of Calories

When you fill up on water, it curbs your appetite to eat. How’s that for controlling calorie intake? Not only are you consuming fewer calories from food, but you’re also shedding calories by drinking water instead of high-calorie sodas, and doing a world of good for your digestive system.

Natural Detox for Your System

Why go for a fancy and expensive detoxification solution when drinking water does the trick? In fact, water is known to be one of the best detoxifiers for the body out there. When drinking water in proper amounts, it helps transport healthy nutrients to every cell in the body, flushing out harmful toxin wastes for no build-up while maintaining strong kidneys. 

Healthier Hair and Skin

Dehydration can cause your hair to appear dull and lifeless, as well as be a prime spot for dandruff. If you want to get that lustrous glow back into your hair, start drinking water instead of expensive preservative-filled drinks. Drinking water can do the same for your skin, too. Keeping skin hydrated fights dull flakiness that can result from dry skin.

Boosted Metabolism 

Who knew that your kidneys, liver, and water depend on each other for an active metabolism? When you aren’t drinking water in proper amounts, your liver must do the work of your kidneys to release toxins. This causes the liver to ignore its job of metabolizing stored body fat into energy, causing your body’s metabolism rate to slow down. A slower metabolism makes it harder to maintain a healthy weight, wearing down your health. Drinking water throughout the day hydrates the kidneys, allowing your liver to keep metabolism in check. 

Better Brain Power

If you’re a fan of memory loss, headaches, and brain fatigue, read no further. Otherwise, ramp up your plan for drinking water throughout the day for better brain functioning. Did you know your brain is made of 85% water? No wonder it needs water to stay strong. 

Start Drinking Water Now

To maintain your plan of drinking water, schedule water deliveries to your home or business—or give us a call for other options. Water Way is your best way to stay hydrated.