Watering Down Dehydration


With so many things happening in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget about dehydration while we are running around. However, it can happen quickly, and once it does, it isn’t pleasant!

Anyone who has experienced the symptoms of heat stroke can vouch for how awful the experience is. Even when we are aware of the need to prevent it, that awareness means little if we don’t know the proper steps to avoid losing too much water. Let’s go over some of the main ingredients to preventing dehydration.

Drink Plenty of Water

When we say drink plenty of water, we don’t just mean when you start feeling the symptoms. Staying hydrated is a year-long task, not just for heated moments! Adults should be drinking around a half gallon of water per day, and double that much on hotter days. Your body is always disposing of water through various outlets and it is important to keep replacing that H2O.

Recognize Symptoms

Even if we try our best to stay watered down, dehydration can still sneak into our outdoor adventures. Knowing when we are starting to experience symptoms of dehydration goes a long way in stopping it before it gets too serious. Some of the main things to watch for are thirst, headache, and dizziness. Other symptoms include dry mouth and cracked lips, cramping, and feeling nauseated. If you begin feeling one or multiple symptoms, drink plenty of water, inform someone around you, and take a break from being active.

Be Proactive

Once you experience the feeling of dehydration, it is important to take active steps to prevent it from intensifying. The worst thing you can do is tell yourself it will get better and not tell anyone how you are feeling. As we discussed earlier, drinking plenty of water and taking the time to cool down will help a lot. While lying down, take a cool rag and lay it across your head if possible. There is no such thing as being too safe when dealing with a possible heat-related dilemma.

Water Way Can Help

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