Water Way’s Response to Emergency Situations

water bottle delivery

As one of the basic necessities of life, water can often seem like an unlimited resource—until it’s not. 

Emergency situations like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and even hard freezes can threaten the availability of water, one of our most precious life-sustaining resources. Until you’ve lived through a similar event, it’s hard to imagine the alarming effect that a water shortage can have on a community and its people.

Water Way understands and has worked with individuals, businesses and communities who have experienced such disastrous events. Serving as a source of water during this year’s global pandemic has been no different. Water Way’s priority has remained the same—delivering pure water to customers in the most convenient and efficient ways possible. When water is needed in an emergency, Water Way is always prepared with fast response.

Delivering Large Water Supplies to Communities, Cities, and Private Companies

Water Way has the important capability of getting large amounts of water out to municipalities, cities, and private companies when drinking water is not available. Our response in emergency situations is immediate, fast, and reliable, doing whatever it takes to serve others. This includes working with county and state Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) to supply ample water when needed most.

Helping Manufacturers Comply With COVID-19 Safety Procedures

COVID-19 hit manufacturing customers hard with major guideline changes for enhanced safety protocols. To help them comply, Water Way provides extra coolers to reduce the number of employees using a specific cooler. We switched some companies to required bottom-load coolers, limiting the times a bottle is physically touched.  Other companies changed Water Way deliveries of 5-gallon bottles to a 5-gallon/case mix. 

Delivering Water in Bulk to Customers for Reduced Interaction 

Water Way continues to provide customers with bulk water deliveries to reduce exposures from outside vendors and visits. This includes customers who have moved from ordering one pallet a month to having Water Way deliver five or six pallets at a time, once again limiting interactions from the outside.

Assisting Schools With Health Department Compliance 

As schools reopen in communities, they must follow strict guidelines set by health departments. This may include turning off water fountains, a common go-to water source for students. Water Way keeps schools fully stocked with bottled water to help students and teachers maintain hydration, focus, and energy.

Choose Water Way for Fast and Reliable Delivery

When water sources are limited by an emergency situation, count on Water Way to provide fast, reliable, and hassle-free delivery as well as resources for guideline compliance. Order your products today for delivery.