Water Way’s Coffee Products & Services

coffee products

Everyone knows that Water Way has water—but did you know that we offer a lot more than that? Our coffee products and services go far beyond just selling K-cups, too. Keep reading for more on how Water Way can keep you and your whole office caffeinated and ready to work! 

Coffee Products for Your Office

If you order water from us, you’re probably familiar with our water coolers—those things you see in your break room at the office that inspire chit chat and hydration! We have something just like that but for coffee! Plus, we have a number of coffee machines to choose from to suit your space’s needs. 

You can rent out a single-pot industrial coffee maker (like what you’d see in a restaurant) for only $15 a month! And if something breaks or isn’t working quite right, we’ll come swap it out ASAP for free. We supply the coffee pot, the machine, and even great-quality coffee. Filters? No need to worry about those—our coffee comes in filtered pouches that are ready to go. No running out of filters, no measuring out your coffee in the mornings, and no spilling coffee grounds everywhere. Just toss one in the machine and you’ll be caffeinated in no time. 

Does your office go through a lot of coffee? We also offer two- and three-pot coffee machines! That way, you always have a fresh pot ready to go. We have a number of flavors to choose from, too! Take your pick between our Italian, French, Columbian, or classic roasts. 

Does your office have a mixture of coffee junkies and non-coffee drinkers? We have options for them, too—including a water cooler that can make K-cups. It uses delicious, pure Water Way spring water to make delicious coffee by the cup! Already buying water from us and interested in adding coffee to your orders? We can offer you a special discount! 

The Perks of Keeping Your Employees Caffeinated 

A lot of us hold a special love for coffee but might forget its ongoing importance in the office. So why supply it to your employees? As more and more people make their way back to the office, it’s one of the easiest and most effective perks you can offer. So many productive routines start with a hot cup of coffee. During the pandemic, so many of us got used to a near-endless supply of coffee at our immediate disposal. Not only can you help your employees avoid that midday slump, but you can show appreciation for their hard work too! 
Interested in all that Water Way has to offer? Get in touch with us to fuel your office’s workflow today!