Water: The Way to Healthy Skin This Winter

healthy skin

The leaves have fallen. Some states have started to see snow. Winter is here! And with winter comes cold, thin air that can leave your skin feeling dry. For many, skin can get so dry that it cracks or results in eczema. So, how can you combat the harsh winds of winter? Check out these three tips from Water Way in Birmingham, AL.

#1 Moisturize Well and Often

Cold air tends to dehydrate the skin. To replenish your skin’s moisture, try oil-based creams and lotions. Though water-based lotions help your skin feel better, oil-based creams actually provide your skin with an extra layer of protection. Staying proactive about moisturizer can keep your skin from cracking and becoming inflamed. So, if you can, keep a trial-size bottle of oil-based lotion in your purse or your car’s front console. This way, you are prepared to keep your skin healthy, no matter the weather.

#2 Start from the Inside

We all know drinking water is vital to our organs and our mind. However, did you know that staying hydrated can also improve your skin? For healthy, glowing skin, no matter the season, make sure that you are drinking enough water every day. Sports drinks and sodas do not count! As your body experiences dehydration throughout the day, replenishing your body’s fluids by drinking water helps keep all of your cells full and hydrated, including your skin cells.

At Water Way, we suggest carrying a water bottle with you 24/7 to ensure that are staying proactive about your hydration. If you find it difficult to stay on track with how much water you drink everyday, try purchasing an app on your mobile device that can help you!

#3 Be Careful Taking Baths

When it’s cold outside, hopping into a nice, hot bath sounds like the most wonderful idea. However, a hot shower or bath can actually be harmful to your skin. Heat breaks down your skin’s lipid barriers, which allows moisture to escape. So, even though you are bathing in water, you are dehydrating your skin!

Instead of a scalding hot shower, try a warm bath with bubbles or a warm shower and a face mask. Find other ways to satisfy your craving for a comfy winter clean.

Water Way Has What You Need!

Whether you are looking to install a water cooler in your office or an in-home cooler for your family, Water Way can help you get started. We specialize in convenient delivery of high-quality, fresh spring water. From quenching your thirst to maintaining your skin’s glow, Water Way has got what you need: water! Contact us today to learn more about water delivery options in Birmingham, AL.