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water park water quality

There is nothing quite like a water park in the summer. The sun finally meets its match with an endless number of water slides, wave pools, and every type of water entertainment you can imagine! But while the water may seem like our best friend while we are cooling down, there is always one thought in the back of our minds: What, exactly, is in this water? Well, let’s get to the bottom of it!

What to Look Out For

While water parks are filled with fun, they are also filled with people! Believe it or not, every person at the park will not be as healthy as you and your family. You also can’t always trust the provider of your summer fun to take proper care of the water. Most will have an expert staff and technology to provide the best customer experience, but it is still important to be vigilant.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), one out of eight pools that undergo inspections will be closed. This is due to recreational water illnesses that come from subpar cleaning or incorrect chlorine levels. While we don’t need to assume the worst of every park, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What You Can Do

While many people wouldn’t think to do so, you can ask the water park about their chlorine levels to feel better about the condition of their water. If you have a hard time trusting the park, or just want to test for yourself, you can bring personal test strips for extra reassurance. The park’s water should have a chlorine level between 1 – 3 parts per million and a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. Even after knowing the pool is at an acceptable chlorine and pH level, there are still extra steps you can take to prevent germ-related problems from occurring. You can’t control how everyone else behaves in the pool, but you can protect yourself! Don’t swallow the water, and preach this to your children before they swim. Many kids will swim with their mouth open, and it can create some serious messes later on! Shower before swimming so you don’t contribute to the filth in the water, and shower after to cleanse yourself of the liquid mysteries you have been submerged in.

Water Way Knows Quality Water

We have years of experience delivering the highest-quality water products to our clients. Whether you are looking for water for work or home, we are the number one option.

Besides delivering bottles and jugs of water, we also provide filters! Our filtration system guarantees pure, clean water for those who use it, and we are happy to answer any questions about water quality you may have. Contact us for more information on how our water delivery system can save you time and money while encouraging a healthier life!

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