Water for Your Muscles & Joints

Do you experience joint pain or muscle aches? Getting older only has so much to do with it. Drinking water could be the solution! Learn more about how water benefits your body in so many ways with Water Way of Birmingham, AL.

Water for Your Joints

Whether you are a mother, a student, or a businessman, you’re no stranger to the aches and pains that come with everyday wear and tear on your body. Bad posture at your desk or one wrong move in the gym can cause you to be sore for days. But why?

Synovial fluid inside your joints reduces friction and helps ease the impact on your joints. Unhealthy synovial fluid is a result of dehydration. Your body needs 8-13 glasses of water a day. Without the right amount of hydration, you will continue to ache. Gatorade, soda, and coffee don’t do the job. If you need a little flavor, try sprucing up your water with citrus o28r berries.

Drinking water will not serve as an immediate cure to your symptoms, but don’t give up! As your level of hydration increases, your joint pain will slowly decrease. By lubricating your joints and removing toxins, drinking water will help you in more ways than one.

Water for Your Muscles

Beyond your joints, your muscle health can also be affected by dehydration. Muscles are actually made of approximately 15-20% water. To help your muscles function effectively, they should stay lubricated. When your body is dehydrated, your muscles are not able to contract correctly.

Dry muscles leave you feeling fatigued and limit athletic performance. Sports beverages with electrolytes can help. However, they are not enough. To stay properly hydrated and keep your joints and muscles well lubricated, you must drink enough water. Don’t have convenient access to water? Water Way delivery in Birmingham, AL, can help!

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