Water Increases Productivity!


Businesses everywhere invest hours of time and hundreds of dollars on determining new and creative ways to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. Instead of finding real answers, companies lose valuable time searching for answers.

The good news is that sometimes major changes, or improvements, can happen with very minor adjustments. In fact, something as minor as increasing water intake can take your office productivity to new levels! As an office water delivery service, we know how happy our clients are, and we want to share with you why. Let’s talk about water and productivity!

(What type of water should you be drinking?)

How Water Affects Our Brains

Statistics suggest that around 80% of people are currently dehydrated. Many times, we don’t even realize how thirsty we are, even when our body is telling us. This is because we have been trained to think that stomach growls mean we are hungry, but more often than not, they occur because of dehydration.

So how does dehydration affect our bodies? Of course, dehydration has obvious negative impacts, such as dry skin, bad breath, and muscle cramps, but it also does a number on our brains.

Studies show that after just four hours without water, our mood decreases, our energy lowers, and our likelihood to develop a headache increases. This is because the brain is extremely sensitive to even the smallest changes of chemistry, such as a change in the body’s levels of sodium or potassium.

Furthermore, increasing water intake reverses dehydration, which expands the brain’s grey matter. Water makes our brains run more efficiently, and when our brain lacks it, brain tissue actually decreases.

Backing Up The Claims

Okay, we get it, you are a little skeptical. How much actually change can water make? Well, it just so happens that multiple studies have been done that prove the significance of hydration of productivity at work and home!

A study conducted in London tested 34 different people on their capability to complete tasks before and after drinking a glass of water. The results were incredible. The hydrated subjects performed all of the tasks at a whopping 14% quicker rate.

Another study measured the effects of dehydration on the actually brain. Researchers measured the brains of young teens, then asked them to ride bikes in heavy clothing for 1.5 hours to dehydrate their bodies. The dehydration led to shrinkage of the brain that averaged the equivalent of losing a year of age. If that isn’t the worst thing for productivity, we don’t know what is!

An Office Water Delivery Service Can Help

So, the head of a company, you can’t exactly force your employees to drink more water. How then do you expect to increase productivity through drinking water?

Well, have you ever heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind?” By using an office water delivery service, you receive delish spring water in a water cooler that you can place strategically. Just having the water there encourages employees to drink (and it’s much more appealing than pouring a glass of tap water).

So, what are you waiting for? Encouraging your employees to drink more water is positive for their health and mood (and your business!)

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