Water in the Waiting Room: Is It Safe?

waiting room water

We’ve all heard about the sanitary dangers of the doctor’s office waiting room. As the place where sick people congregate, there’s not a chance you’re sitting in a chair without wiping it down first – and the magazines? You might as well be sticking your hands in a petri dish!

But when it comes to the waiting room water cooler, what should you do? Is it safe? Find out with Water Way!

The Waiting Room Water Dilemma

You’re thirsty. You forgot your water bottle. It’s probably going to be another 30 minutes before you actually see the doctor, and then another 20 minutes before you leave the building. How long can you expect to go without taking a sip of water, especially when you’re already feeling dehydrated?

That’s when you see it: the waiting room water cooler. It’s full of fresh, cold spring water, and those little cups are at the ready, just waiting to fulfill your hydration needs. You move toward it – but then you remember where you are.

If you drink that water, what kind of germs are you risking?

Good News – You’re Safe!

The great thing about water coolers is that they are generally much more sanitary than conventional water fountains or even a communal water pitcher, like you see in many reception areas.

For one thing, each cup is only used one time, meaning no one’s hands have touched your cup when you pull it from the line. And secondly, because everyone is using their own cup, there’s no danger of someone’s mouth being near the spigot – which eliminates a lot of risk for picking up germs!

Go Ahead – Drink from that Water Cooler!

We think water coolers are the best way to stay hydrated, and once you try it, you’ll probably agree! Contact Water Way for more information on getting a water cooler for your home or office. With fresh, clean spring water available whenever you want it, your taste buds (and your immune system) will thank you!