Why Does My Water Have an Expiration Date?

water bottle expiration date

Water has a multitude of astounding traits that set it apart from other items that we eat and drink. One of these is the rare ability to last a long time without losing its integrity. Endless rotations of the water cycle can be made through dirt, sky, and all sorts of other avenues, and at the end of the day, that water can still be drinkable if boiled or properly filtered. But if water can make it through all the elements and still be fine, why do our water bottles have expiration dates? We explore the reasoning below.


In 1987, New Jersey passed a state law declaring that all food products sold in the state were to have an expiration date of two years or less. National suppliers, including companies who made water bottles, decided that the easiest solution to this new law was adding similar expiration dates on all of their products. This allowed them to avoid creating a separate system for bottles from just one state.

While that law is no longer with us, the convenience of using the same expiration date and process has kept expiration dates on water bottles across the country. The addition of the expiration date also allowed companies to use the same machines that bottle soft drinks and other beverages to bottle water, so don’t expect to see these dates disappearing anytime soon.

How It Affects Us

Bottled water doesn’t really have an expiration date. Actually, it will taste better much longer than water that has been left out in a cup. The major concern with bottled water would be leaching, which is when chemicals from the plastic of the bottle mix into the water. However, this is not a time-based concern.

In fact, external factors like pesticides, gas, and direct sunlight are much more likely to affect the quality of your water. Make sure that you are keeping your water in the fridge or a secure spot that’s not constantly in sunlight, and the quality of the water will be fine.

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