Water – Everybody’s Favorite Movie Star

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Water plays many roles in our everyday life, including quenching our thirst, bathing, and washing our clothes and dishes. However, there is another role that water plays that we don’t normally think about – movie star. Many of our movie favorites center around water, and it’s about time this fabulous liquid got credit for all of its hard work. Let’s take a look at some of its biggest roles!


While Jaws and its soundtrack (deservedly) get most of the credit, water definitely earned a Best Supporting Actor Role in this one. A shark in the water brings out a fear in people that not many other things can compare to. Luckily, when you order from Water Way, you won’t find any sharks in the bottle. Other companies, well… we make no guarantees.


Love, loss, and lots of water. Titanic was a box office record holder for years, and the beautiful-yet-tragic nature of the movie certainly makes it a memorable one. Our beloved H2O starts off in a protagonist position before switching to the role of the villain in a memorable reminder of how beauty is only skin deep. Bonus points are awarded to Titanic for having a prominent ice scene, as well.


In one of water’s finest villain roles, Tom Hanks and his best friend, Wilson, are attempting to get off an uninhabited island but meet an unstoppable force named the ocean. Using a combination of wit and perseverance, Hanks eventually makes it off the island, but the ocean takes his volleyball pal and pulls him to the murky depths below. (We promise not to steal your volleyball pal.)


We all know that our home planet is made of over 70% water, but the poor aliens in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2002 thriller forgot to do their research before attempting to take over. After hanging in the background for most of the movie, water jumps to the forefront to take on the invading species with a little help from Joaquin Phoenix and his trusty baseball bat.

The habit of good hydration has never paid off quite so much as it does when it actually defeats evil aliens, but it does pay off pretty well in real life, too.

Without A Paddle

Three best friends on a journey of a lifetime trying to find D.B. Cooper’s long-lost treasure. What could go wrong? If a couple shady characters and a relentless river have anything to do with it, a lot! Many times during the film, it looks as if the river will end them before they end their journey, but our three crusaders push on and find much more than they had hoped for: answers to this wild game we play called life. We hope they brought their water bottles along for the ride.

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