What Water Is Best for Baby Formula?

baby formula water

Once a parent chooses to use baby formula, there are a number of questions to think about. One question you may not have considered is what water is appropriate to use with baby formula, but it’s crucial that parents stay educated on the topic. There are a few solid sources that can be used for water, but it’s just as important to know how to prepare it. Keep reading for an explanation.

Water to Use

There are three types of water that are most appropriate for your infant’s formula. The first option is bottled water made specifically for babies. These allows the comfort of knowing the water being used had to follow much stricter guidelines. Regular bottled water is also an option, though it’s important to look into what all is in the bottle you purchase. Some brands use minerals to enhance the taste, which isn’t great for a child. The best bottled option that isn’t made specifically for babies would be spring water with no additives, but even then, we still recommend boiling it!

Many parents probably want to know if tap water is fine for their infant. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as clear as the water we put in our bodies. Depending on where you live, the tap water you use can include a varying amount of chemicals and other materials. Most water coming from the tap will be fine after it’s boiled, and there are methods of testing your water to ensure it’s fine.

How to Prepare It

Just like everything else regarding your baby, make sure to follow the directions on the package of formula you are using. Every formula package is different, so it’s very important to understand the correct amount of water and method of mixing. Once you understand the proper amount of water needed, boil it in a clean pan for one minute, then let it cool down to a lukewarm temperature. Once the water is ready, make sure to measure carefully to get the right consistency. Not enough water can lead to health issues like stomach problems, while too much water can prevent your baby from getting the necessary amount of nutrients.

The Water Way Can Help!

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