Wake Up with Water!

home water cooler

Do you ever wake up with that groggy, zombie-like feeling in the morning? We’ve got your solution! Here are 4 reasons you should start your day by drinking 16 oz of water. Learn more with Water Way of Alabama.

Rehydrate Your Body

After hours at rest, your body is naturally dehydrated. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink before you go to sleep. You need to refuel your body when you wake up. Drinking water when you wake up replenishes the moisture in your cells. It helps lubricate your organs and allows your body to feel refreshed and energized again!

Flush Out the Toxins

While you sleep, your body works to repair itself and replenish its energy. Water not only nourishes your body, it also helps flush out the toxins your body does not need. This keeps your complexion clear and your skin soft. It also makes your body more prepared to absorb the nutrients of your breakfast.

Kickstart Your Metabolism

When it comes to losing weight, drinking water is crucial. The best way to kickstart your metabolism is to walk on over to your home water cooler and grab yourself 16 oz of water first thing in the morning. Your body will feel more full. You will curb your appetite and fire up your metabolism, which has been proven to increase your potential to burn calories throughout the rest of your day.

Feed Your Mind

Did you know that your brain is 75% water? Without the right amount of water in your system, your body and your brain will feel dehydrated. You won’t be able to function at full capacity. You will feel tired and possibly irritable. Think about how you feel without enough sleep. Just like your body needs rest, it also needs hydration. Drinking a tall glass of refreshing water when you wake up will help fuel your mind and keep you going for the rest of the day.

Get Your Home Water Cooler Today!

Start your day off the right way, and keep your body functioning at maximum capacity all day. At Water Way, we promise fresh spring water conveniently delivered directly to your home or office! Contact us today.