The Truth about Water

the truth about water

What’s true and what’s a myth? Learn the truth about water with Water Way Delivery in Birmingham, AL!

Water Myths Busted!

Water is the easiest way to keep yourself hydrated. It is true that you should strive to keep your organs well lubricated throughout the day; however, the estimate of how much water we should drink, as in how many glasses, is a myth! Some say 8 glasses, and others say 12. The truth is, we can’t really put a number on it. The Institute of Medicine simply recommends your intake be generous and plentiful!

Drinking water cannot actually keep your skin hydrated. Well, okay, it’s a little true. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated. Therefore, it keeps all of your organs (including your skin) healthy and moisturized. However, drinking water isn’t enough to keep your skin from getting dry. You should pair generous water consumption with moisturizers and lip balm!

Think water bottles will ruin your teeth? That is not true! Tooth decay is not a direct result of using a water bottle. Water that has not been filtered, however, is more likely to be harsh on your teeth, especially if you are already prone to decay. If you are concerned about your teeth, consult with your physician to figure out the best options for maintaining your dental health while simultaneously staying hydrated!

Did You Know?

More than 70% of your body as an adult is made up of water. This means that when you are born, water accounts for almost 80% of your body weight!

A healthy person can, and should, drink plenty of water. Athletes, or just those of us who maintain a rigorous schedule, can consume up to three gallons a day — and that is considered very healthy!

Though beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and energy drinks contain water, they also contain caffeine, which can act as a diuretic. What this means is that it prevents the water in the drink from reaching your body effectively.

In one year alone, the average residence in America uses over 100,00 gallons of water! This includes indoor home coolers, showers, outdoor hoses, and more.*

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