The Healthy Facts On Water


There’s always a lot going around about the new ways to stay happy and fit. Health these days is all about trying the latest fad diet, exercise routines, a cleanses, or newly discovered supplements.

What if we told you that health can instantly be improved by simply drinking water?

That’s right! You can increase your mood and health by adding a few extra cups of water to your diet. And even better? You could increase office productivity with an office water delivery service! Let’s talk about how it works.

(How do offices feel who use water? Check our case study.)

Water and Health

Because our bodies are composed of around 60% water, our bodily fluids rely heavily on the fact that we stay properly hydrated. Drinking enough water balances the body fluids that control everything from digestion and circulation, to body temperature and the transportation of vital nutrients.

Okay, it keeps your body functioning…but how does it compare to diets and cleanses? Well, did you know that the majority of the time your stomach is growling, you are actually thirsty, and not hungry? Drink a glass of water to rule out thirst before you indulge in a snack. Additionally, drinking two glasses of water prior to a meal has been reported to lower meal sizes, and in turn, aid in weight loss.

If you are still not convinced, let’s talk about bloating. Bloating is caused by water weight and/or constipation. Guess what helps get rid of both of those things? Water! Water weight is generally caused by excess sodium buildup in the body. Drinking water keeps sodium levels balanced, and increasing your water intake will flush out all the water weight you have built up. Another reason you might feel full is because you are backed up…literally. Constipation is caused by dehydration in the colon. Get to drinking, and your body will rid itself of this excess waste and weight.

Water and Mood

Just like water affects your health, it can also affect your mood. Numerous studies have been conducted that test how people feel after limiting water intake, and after increasing water intake. All of the conclusions have been the same.

Those who limited their water intake marked less energy, slower brain functioning (marked by confusion, or slower thoughts), and more susceptibility to stress. Those who increased their water intake felt more positive, energized, and alert.

It’s easy to use that as proof alone that water increases your mood, but let’s think on it further. Like we mentioned above, water keeps your body healthy. If someone is struggling with negative emotions, getting sick could make that worse. The very least water can do for someone who is mentally struggling is keep their body healthy. A healthy body is a great starting place to overcoming mental hurdles. So by not allowing you to fall further into unhealthy habits, water can be seen as a shield towards a more negative emotional crisis.

Happy and Healthy Employees: Office Water Delivery Service

Companies are always eager to find new ways to increase productivity, but we are pretty sure very  few consider using an office water delivery service to do it. Drinking water can easily increase productivity, and even boost company morale.

It’s simple. Water aids in health and mood. Both health and mood affect an employee’s ability to be productive! Having a spring water cooler in your office kitchen encourages employees to drink water because of its cool and crisp taste. Utilizing an office water delivery service means your company will never run out of fresh spring water, keeping your employees happy, healthy, and productive!

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