Symptoms of Dehydration During Exercise


With the average person’s body being made of 60% water, you know water has to be good for you. Maintaining a consistent daily intake of water is key to good health and keeping your body and brain at peak performance levels. If you aren’t getting enough water each day, you’ll feel the difference—especially when exercising. 

Exercise causes you to sweat, losing water from our body. If the fluids are not replaced, you can become dehydrated and experience symptoms that keep your body and brain from functioning at 100%. People in intense exercise programs are even more prone to dehydration, making it all the more important to drink fluids before, during, and after exercise. 

Pay attention to these four signs of dehydration to keep your water intake in check and your body and brain in motion.

Higher Body Temperature

When working out hard enough to break a sweat, that means your body temperature is rising, causing you to lose water. This is a great way to rid your body of toxins and exercise your heart. However, if you’re dehydrated while working out, your body temperature won’t return to normal as it usually would, resulting in additional fluids being lost and worsening your dehydration. To avoid this, drink water throughout your workout so your body temperature remains in a normal range, from warm up to cool down.   

Muscle Cramps

While some people experience muscle cramps while they’re sleeping, others have them during workouts or while participating in a sport. Not only are these painful, but muscle cramps can stop you in your tracks, interfering with your performance. Muscle cramps can be a result of dehydration, which can be remedied by increasing the amount of water you drink as well as your potassium levels. Next time you feel a muscle cramp coming on, grab a bottle of water and a banana to go, so you can get back in the game. 


Feeling sluggish in body and mind? It could be that you’ve been slacking on water consumption, leaving you dehydrated. It’s always important to drink water throughout the day, from the time you wake up until you turn in at night. This is especially true during exercise or while spending time in a hot environment. Staying hydrated will help you fight off fatigue and keep your brain on task.

High Blood Pressure

It’s normal for your blood pressure to gradually increase while you exercise. It’s all part of the workout, challenging your body to grow stronger. Those in a regular exercise routine can tell when their blood pressure rises, and can maintain a healthy balance throughout their workout. But, if you are dehydrated during this time, your blood pressure can elevate quickly, causing you to feel tired and unconditioned. Once again, water is key to helping you maintain your physical routine for a healthier lifestyle.

Ready for a Tall Glass of Water?

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