Staying Hydrated in Winter Weather

winter hydration

As the weather cools down and we add more layers of clothes to our daily routine, staying hydrated becomes less of a concern to many. But should that be the case? Although we may not feel like we’re becoming dehydrated due to the cold temperatures surrounding us, the threat of overheating is still very real. In fact, being active in cold weather can be even more dangerous due to the drier air conditions which make the lungs work harder to heat the body.

But even when we know the importance of staying hydrated, it can be difficult to do so while staying warm in the process. Let’s discuss three easy ways to stay hydrated and warm at the same time.


Wearing layers is already important for the winter season. Between our home, car, outside, work, school, and other daily routines, we tend to feel different temperatures throughout the day that require more than one type of clothing. But this is even more important to prevent dehydration. If we’re wearing clothes that are too warm while being active, the amount of sweat generated can cause the body to have difficulty keeping a steady blood flow, which raises body temperature. Try to have a bottom layer that does well with absorbing perspiration for extra assistance.


It’s very important to make sure that the amount of water you’re drinking matches how active your day is! Even if you don’t feel like you’re becoming dehydrated, your body is losing water through various methods like perspiring, exhaling, and urinating. Stay hydrated, and monitor your urine when you go to the restroom for an indication of how you’re doing. The more plentiful and pale, the better!


Temperature is a major reason people fail to get enough water during the winter season. It’s perfectly understandable to not want a cold beverage while you’re already freezing! Keeping drinks that are a warm or hot temperature is a great way of avoiding this chilly obstacle. Plan ahead and have warmer liquid options available to refresh your body after outdoor activities.

Stay Hydrated the Water Way!

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