Stay OSHA Compliant with Water Way

osha compliant

Water is a necessity of life. Turns out, it’s also essential when it comes to employers providing healthy work environments for their employees. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) provides clear regulations for businesses to follow when it comes to providing water for employees in the workplace. If a business ignores regulations, it can face a hefty fine, which is never a good thing when success is the goal. 

Actually, being OSHA compliant for water standards makes perfect business sense. By doing so, employees are more likely to be alert on the job for higher productivity and efficiency, as well as healthier for the potential of fewer sick days requested.

OSHA water guidelines are really quite simple to accommodate. To make sure your business is on board with requirements, follow these guidelines:

Must Provide Potable Water

OSHA standards require an employer to provide potable water (drinkable according to the U.S. Public Water Regulations) in the workplace and permit employees to drink it. This includes safe tap water that tastes good and is chilled to about 55 degrees.

Water Cooler or Fountain Access?

For the safest water option, water should be provided in a water cooler or drinking fountain. Water Way makes using a water cooler easy with scheduled deliveries made right to your business.

Provide Cups for Employees

Businesses are required to provide cups for employees. If paper cups are your option, it’s important to make them available in a sanitized location with a wastebasket located nearby. Water Way can include paper products with your Water Way delivery, helping to ensure you remain OSHA compliant.

Offer Water at No Charge

Employers cannot require employees to pay for the water provided. Some businesses even provide employees with a special water bottle to encourage them to head to the cooler each day, especially when working in hot temperatures.

Give Employees Frequent Breaks

It’s important to provide frequent breaks, so employees can easily access water for good health. Drinking adequate water can mean an extra trip or two to the restroom, making breaks all the more appreciated by employees.

Label bottles or containers for drinking only 

To be OSHA compliant, your water source – cooler, bottles, or tap – should all be labeled for drinking water only. 

Stay OSHA Compliant with Water Way

Water Way understands how important it is for businesses to stay OSHA compliant when it comes to providing water for employees. We can do all the work for you with scheduled water deliveries to your business, including all of the paper products you need. Give us a call to request more information on how to stay OSHA compliant.