Spring Water Versus Purified Water


There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a nice glass of water. Not only does it cool the body, it’s also quite healing!

Have you ever had a scratchy throat and amped up your water intake to suddenly find yourself feeling much better at the end of the day? What about an aching stomach? Water can even help wake you up when you are feeling groggy. This is because a lot of the times we are feeling “out of sorts”, it’s because we are dehydrated.

What Spring Water Delivers

Spring water is captured through a mountain or artesian spring. When it is captured correctly, it is 100% pure, clean and full of minerals. You see, because spring water comes from water flowing underground, and arises through a natural purification system, it is detoxified, but still holds all of the great minerals the earth provides.

Often called “Living Water,” spring water is water as it is meant to be. It is raw and clean, and free from toxins, chemicals and additives. It also contains a perfect amount of alkaline, which helps level the bodies pH balance, and aids in stronger bones and teeth.

And, we must note, spring water also provides a more incredible, crisp, and revitalizing taste.

Where Purified Water Falters

While all drinking water must meet the Environmental Protection Agencies standards, all drinking water is not alike.

Purified water and filtered water are generally thought to be the same, but there is a difference.

In order to be called purified water, it must be sent through perhaps the most strict purification process of any of the types of waters. All chemicals and pathogens must be removed from purified water, but microbes are acceptable. Microbes, however, can be quite harmful to the body.

Aside from the microbes, this highly purified water sounds pretty good, right? Well, the major problem is the source. You see, because purified water has to go through such a rigorous purification system, the source does not have to be considered. Therefore, when you purchase purified drinking water, you could just be drinking tap water. And while many companies use fancy words to distract you from what you’re drinking, the majority of purified water sources come from a large metropolitan water supply system.

Why Spring Water Is Worth It

Investing in spring water for your office building is a great idea.  You employees will be pleased to have an ample supply of clean, cool water that has a great taste. It’s never a good idea to not supply water to your employees. This could leave your employees dehydrated, and groggy, or worse; sick.

Keep the environment and your employees healthy with the smart choice. Choose spring water for your office building through an office water delivery service.