Spring Water: How Freshness Affects Taste


Water is crucial to life. It regulates our body’s temperature. It helps us remove toxic waste. It cushions our joints. It aids in converting food into energy. It helps our cells in retrieving oxygen and nutrition.  Without water, we could not survive.

So, how do you make sure that you are putting the best water into your body? All properly filtered water is healthy, but spring water is the best. This is because spring water is filtered so perfectly that all the dangerous toxins are removed, but the vital minerals remain!

Your body wants the minerals that spring water contains, so how do you determine what brand of spring water you want to purchase for your home or office? Taste.

Stale Water

Have you ever woken up desperate for a sip of water? You reach over and take a big swig from the cup that rested on your nightstand all night, and the taste that follows startles you. Water isn’t supposed to have a major taste. Why does this water taste weird? You may have even found yourself wondering, “Can water go stale?”

While filtered water can remain safe to drink for thousands of years, the taste does change. Chemically, water that has been left out all night has absorbed some of the C02 in the air. This changes the pH balance of the water, which creates that ‘stale’ taste.

The longer water rests, the staler the taste.

Choosing Water

In order to choose water that tastes delicious, you will want to choose water that has been extracted and bottled quickly.

Many companies get their spring water from a spring, but then deliver that water to a facility where it sits until it is bottled.

If you want to make the best investment for your office or home, ask water delivery service companies about their water extraction process!

Water Way: A Fresh Tasting Water Delivery Service

At Water Way, we love the fresh taste that spring water delivers. We think the addition of natural minerals provides a flavor unmatched by any other type of drinking water.

Because we have a passion for fresh spring drinking water, we strive to deliver our customers the crisp taste we know it can deliver.

In order to do that, we have to bottle the water as soon as we possibly can. That is why we decided to bottle our water just 100 yards from the source of the water spring. Most of our cases contain water that was only in the ground 2-3 days, leaving in all the natural minerals, without the impurities.

Water Way is spring water you can trust. Learn more about how home and office water delivery works!