The Secret Behind the Office Water Cooler

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We all do it! We spend a minute too long hanging around the water cooler at work chatting with coworkers. But is there more to the office water cooler than simply a hangout space where procrastination flourishes? Find out the secret about office water coolers with Water Way Delivery in Birmingham, AL.

Water Helps Us Focus Faster

When your body is dehydrated, your brain moves at a slower pace. Research has shown that drinking enough water helps improve mental and physical performance. No matter what job you have, personal performance is certainly important.

Scientists believe that employees who are dehydrated have trouble focusing. Their attention span is shorter and their response time to tasks at hand is slower. Those able to improve their mental capacity by staying hydrated throughout the day tend to perform better than those who do not. So, an office water cooler is more than just a place to show Joey your latest baby pictures. It is also the source of fuel for your daily productivity.

Healthy Workers, Healthy Work Culture

Hydrated workers are happy workers! Yes, chatting around the water cooler can get out of hand. But it is important to take breaks between tasks. Especially for those working nine to five desk jobs, work can get monotonous. Breaking up the day with healthy, hydrating breaks is more beneficial than it may seem.

Stepping away from your computer screen to engage with other coworkers takes your mind out of “work mode” for a minute. It helps you relax while also getting in your 9 glasses a day this summer. Employees should be encouraged to socialize every hour, at least, to help improve their health, performance, and overall morale.

Even sharing baby pictures with Joey at the water cooler is good for you! Why? Studies have shown that taking a glance at your social media profile helps boost memory and cognitive thought. Sharing with others, receiving verbal input, and producing verbal output helps as well. The exchange of ideas that takes place at the water cooler should be embraced.

Get the Best with Water Way Delivery of Alabama

A water cooler is nothing without quality spring water regularly delivered straight to your office. Get the best with Water Way Delivery in Birmingham, AL. We specialize in delivering scheduled, high quality spring water to office spaces, homes, construction sites, and more. Learn more about how to get the ultimate hydration fix for your office today with Water Way. Contact us!