Rain: Pollen’s Worst Nightmare or Its Best Friend?

rain and pollen

If you’ve spent a spring in the South, you’ve witnessed the calamity known as pollen season. Cars and homes are covered in yellow dust. Men, women and children experience itchy eyes and scratchy throats. The only break in this annual nuisance is when the sky opens up and water graces the earth with a clean slate. Even if just for a moment, we’re able to catch our breath and clear our nose. But does the rain provide a true solution or does it actually extend our misery? We take a look below.

The Rainfall

You may notice rivers of yellow running through the gutters during a nice spring shower. It’s hard to imagine that all that pollen washing away can’t be a positive thing, and the immediate change it brings is certainly a welcome relief. When raindrops begin falling from the sky, they take the much smaller grains of pollen with them. This briefly clears the air.

In addition to clearing the air, the atmosphere that is created during a rainstorm doesn’t particularly encourage pollen to be released. Most plants release pollen during warm and dry weather, making these wet and cool conditions that come with rain a natural deterrent.

The Aftermath

While we’re able to witness the effect rain has on pollen during the downfall, it’s more difficult to understand what happens once the last drop has hit the ground. Unfortunately, rain can actually lead to a higher pollen count. Some of our pollinating friends get motivated to increase their pollen production after a good shower, leading to more runny noses and itchy eyes for those who are allergic. Surprisingly, fall and winter showers can play an even bigger role with pollen in the spring. Heavy showers in these months can equal higher counts in the future.

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