Practicing Healthy Habits in 2018

healthy habits

Welcome to the year 2018! (Well, almost.) The new year often brings resolutions with the promise of a better future. But keeping these resolutions as the year moves forward can become quite the challenge. Teaching ourselves simple habits can help us accomplish our resolutions, and we wanted to share a few easy habits for those looking to lead a healthier life. Practicing these small deeds can make the bigger goals much easier!


When most people think about getting in shape, they probably think about the exercise that comes with it. A good first step is scheduling your workouts ahead of time. This helps us avoid excuses like being too tired after a long day at work. It’s also important not to overdo your fitness schedule, especially early on in the year. While you may feel motivated and ready to go, it’s absolutely necessary that your body gets the rest it needs.

Don’t be afraid to let your cardio be fun! While the gym is a great place to get motivated, it can be refreshing to jog around your neighborhood or hike through some scenic landscape nearby. While you’re dominating the cardio, don’t forget to lift some weights as well. This helps to speed up your metabolism, which increases the rate at which you lose weight.


While exercising correctly is fairly easy to understand, things get a little trickier with the proper diet. Calories matter – but not as much as the color of what you eat. Try to focus on green, red, and yellow foods to assist your body with working out and losing weight. Carbohydrates are also important, but be sure to consume carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes – which provide more energy and a longer duration of feeling full.

Cooking at home is a wonderful way of avoiding the temptations of the restaurant world. Make sure to have plenty of frozen fruits and vegetables on stand-by, and always have same healthy snacking options available.

Water Habits

We might be slightly biased due to our profession, but in our humble opinion, nothing is more important than your water drinking habits! Drinking pristine H2O in the morning is the best method of starting a healthy day, so have a glass on the nightstand ready to go for when you wake up. This helps clean out your digestive system and begins the day on a positive step. Water is also a great solution for those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion but still want to lose weight. Have your drink on the rocks or diluted with water to avoid the plethora of calories from beer and soda.

Get Fit the Water Way!

As we discussed earlier, water is 100% necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, we deliver top-quality water to our clients so it’s one less thing they need to worry about while getting in shape! Contact us today for more information on how to stay hydrated the Water Way.

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