Playing with Water

water experiments

Running out of ideas for fun, yet educational, activities to do with the kids? Believe it or not, there are plenty of fantastic water experiments that can easily be done with materials inside your home! These projects are wonderful because they’re not only easy to do, but they allow our children to discover new information about the world they live in. We discuss a couple of our favorite experiments below

Musical Cups

Fans of the Sandra Bullock classic, Miss Congeniality, might be familiar with this entertaining display of music. For those who haven’t seen the 2000 movie about an undercover agent posing as a beauty queen, this experiment involves multiple cups filled to different levels with water. While Sandra Bullock moved her fingers in a circular motion around the rim of the glasses to make a whistling sound, you can also tap the glasses with a spoon to hear the different tones.

This experiment is not only fun, but it’s a great lesson on pitch and vibrations. The glasses with the most water will have a lower pitch due to a slower vibration. As the amount of water decreases, the pitch will reach a higher level.

Rain in a Jar

Did you know you can create your own storm in a jar? This surprisingly easy trick helps educate our children on the effects of a cold front and part of the water cycle. All it takes is a jar, a plate, ice cubes, and of course, water! Heat your water for 3 minutes before placing it inside the jar. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of water; the size of a large cup will work.

After putting your heated water in the jar, place your ice cubes on the plate. You will then put the plate on top of the jar, covering the opening and trapping the hot water inside. What happens next will blow your mind! As the ice cools the plate down, the warm air in the jar will begin to condensate forming water droplets. Before you know it, you’ve created a shower in a jar glass!

Water Way Loves Water!

Water is the most essential material on earth for the human body, but it also makes for great experiments. The two we mentioned above are only a couple of the fun, educational activities your family can spend a day enjoying. The Water Way is honored to not only provide the clean, high-quality water that businesses and homes deserve, but deliver it as well. Contact us today for more information.