Pet Health: Water Is the Way

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What’s In Your Water Bowl?

Have you ever considered that your pet should be drinking filtered water for the same reasons that you should? Tap water often flows through old copper pipes before it reaches your home. Without filtering it, the water could contain many contaminants.

Tap water can also contain chlorine. Ever wondered why dogs like to drink water from the toilet? Toilet water, or water that has been sitting for a long time, often contains fewer chemicals (like chlorine) as the chemicals start to dissipate. However, chemicals in your pet’s drinking water could be avoided altogether if the water is filtered.

Another reason dogs turn to toilet water is that it is cooler. Your pet likely wants a cold, refreshing drink of spring water just as much as you do. You could get cold spring water conveniently delivered directly to your home with Water Way. Learn more.

Don’t Let Fido Get Dehydrated

Pets, especially dogs (because they spend a lot of time outdoors), can get dehydrated easily. Older pets are also very susceptible to dehydration. To remedy this problem, provide your pet with clean, fresh water at all times. Change their water frequently to ensure that the water hasn’t gone bad. Don’t forget to wash out the bowl every day to keep bacteria from forming.

You also want to make sure that your pet gets enough water. It can be difficult to monitor how much water your pet is drinking. Just keep an eye on their bowl. Especially if your pet seems to get dehydrated quickly, it is important to monitor their intake and talk to your veterinarian.

If you keep your pet in a crate or outside on a leash, invest in a weighted bowl that they can’t accidentally knock over. And if you are traveling, make sure to carry extra water with you at all times.  

If your pet does get dehydrated, consult your veterinarian immediately. Pets are often administered intravenous fluids like humans. They can be supplemented with vitamins. Your vet will know best!

Water Way Loves Our Pets!

Our pets shower us with unconditional love and affection. In turn, the least we can do is provide them with fresh, clean water and do our best to keep them healthy. Interested in in-home spring water delivery from Water Way? Contact us today to learn more!