Office Water Delivery Service Case Study: Infomedia/Uptick


An office water delivery service can make a big difference in an office – but don’t take our word for it.

We sat down and talked to two of our clients: local website design and digital marketing providers Infomedia and Uptick Marketing. They share an office in Vestavia and have used our office water delivery service for some time now as a way to provide nourishing water to their 50+ employees.

What we do for them is simple: we supply them with nine to 10 five-gallon jugs of water every week to every other week (depending on how often they need us). We deliver the jugs and then take any empty containers they have back with us and replace them with filled containers so they can keep up a steady stream of refreshing spring water.

It’s that simple – and the results speak for themselves.

“We use their water for just about anything,” says Jason Lovoy, the president of both Infomedia and Uptick. “You name it, we use it for that. You can really tell a difference when you use their water for brewing coffee.”

Nicole Beachum, a vice president with Uptick, agrees that the water comes in handy. “Ever since we started getting water from The Water Way, I drink way more water than I ever did. That keeps me hydrated, which is super important.”

Says Jason, “It’s a huge perk, in my opinion, for the employees. It shows that you care. And it’s easy and inexpensive.”

Adds Jason, “I’d definitely recommend The Water Way to any office that is looking to add this service.”

Need an Office Water Delivery Service?

Want the same nourishing results as Infomedia and Uptick Marketing? Contact us today to start your own office water delivery service that keeps your office complete with life-giving water when you want and need it.