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Meet Our New Partner: Blue Spring Living Water

At Water Way, we are committed to excellence in both quality and service. We strive to provide homes, businesses, and offices with the best drinking water and products available. That’s why we are excited to partner with Blue Spring Living Water. 

From the heart of Blount County, Alabama, Blue Spring is an ancient geyser known for its pristine and shockingly clear water—so clear that you can see the bottom nearly 35 feet down. This naturally pure water is the stuff of legends.

It’s rumored to have been sought for its healing properties by Native Americans, weary travelers, and Civil War soldiers. As legend has it, the spring was discovered in the early 1800s by Davy Crocket and President Andrew Jackson while hunting along the Black Warrior Trail.

While there are tales of its healing properties, there is more fact than fiction to back up the claims. A 1987 GeoSurvey of Alabama named it a Geological Wonder after confirming the water’s perfectly neutral pH balance. The water comes through limestone aquifers, naturally mineral-enriched with magnesium, calcium, and silica putting it in the same category as the healthiest waters on record. This spring is truly a treasure of nature.

The spring has been well protected by its few owners over the centuries. Originally owned by the VanZandt family, it was passed on to Mr. Ottis Shedd in 1950 who initiated a modest bottling company to share the water with the community. Mr. Shedd reverently named it Blue Spring Living Water and branded it with an eagle out of respect for the deep ancestry, symbolism, and purity of the spring. 

In 2017, Alabamian Cameron Cardwell caught tale of Blue Spring and had to find out more for himself. He met a then-95-year-old Mr. Shedd and, within a month, began harvesting and bottling the naturally pure water. He felt drawn to this place of wonder and compelled to help share this special water with all.

Water Way is thrilled to partner with Blue Spring Water as the exclusive ‘Home and Office’ distributor of Blue Spring Living Water, putting this pure water in the hands of more people. As one of the largest distributors in the Southeast, Water Way is uniquely positioned to put Blue Spring Living Water in more homes and businesses than ever before. Our new customer special gives you five 5-gallon bottles, 5 bottle deposits, and cooler installation for only $50 for the $120 value. And for a limited time you can get two 5 gallon bottles for $25.

Today, Blue Spring Living Water is available for purchase in local grocery stores like Piggly Wiggly, Publix, WinnDixie, and other Alabama storefronts. Each bottle is marked with the date it was harvested so you know exactly how fresh it is. You can be sure it is never processed as you enjoy each beautifully clean and velvety smooth sip.

Experience Blue Spring Living Water for yourself. Simply contact us to have your own fresh bottle delivered!