Mastering the At-Home Car Wash

washing car at home

There are some things in life that are worth spending money not to do, and some things that are simply too easy to pay someone else for. Washing a car falls into the latter category for many people. But even if we are motivated to wash our own car, we must know how to do it properly. Sure, it seems like a quick wash-over with a hose will work, but it’s a little more complicated than that if you want to get the job done right. Let’s go over some simple tips that can bring your car back to its glory days.


No job can be completed well without the right tools. Fortunately, washing your car only requires a few, but it is still important to get them right. This includes:

  • Two Buckets – One for your soapy water, and one for non-soapy water
  • Soap – Make sure that your soap is specifically meant for cars!
  • Sponge – Preferably large and soft
  • Towel

If you want to take some extra steps for cleaning well, you can also purchase a brush for tires, highlight cleaner, and wax. If you choose to also clean your tires and wax, make sure to use a different sponge and towel so that you don’t get your car dirty.


There are a few important factors to consider when washing your car. First, continuously rinse your sponge in the bucket of plain water to make sure it is clear of debris that could scratch your vehicle. When applying soap to your sponge, build the soap into a lather to guarantee the smoothest wash and reduce the risk of scratches. While Mr. Miyagi’s circular motion while waxing on and off is fine, you don’t want to apply the same technique while washing. This could leave unpleasant looking marks. Ugly marks can also occur if you attempt to wash your car while it is hot. Leave it in the shade for a while before washing to ensure the smoothest experience.

Make sure you stay hydrated during this process, too — especially if you’re working on a hot summer day! Bring your favorite water bottle outside and take frequent breaks to enjoy a few sips of cold, fresh water.


Air drying seems like a good idea, but it can lead to the unpleasant looking marks that we discussed earlier. Use a towel or chamois, but make sure that your towel is soft. A hard towel will scratch your car, which is worse than a dirty car!

Treat Your Car with Water Way

A car is most people’s prized possession. When you value something so much, why would you use inferior products to clean it? We take pride in the quality of our water for drinking, but also for cleaning! Contact us today for more information.