Looking for Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer? Try These Yard Water Games!

yard water games

Summer has arrived! If you are having trouble getting the kids out of the house and playing, try bringing some fun water games to your yard. Games are a great way for kids to be active while playing with friends, and in the summer heat, water games make perfect sense. Try some of these fun ideas and enjoy spending the summer running around with your children.

Slip N Slide

If water activities were a monarchy, it would be hard not to name Slip N Slide as king. Who knew that a plastic tarp and water would be the best duo since Batman and Robin? But it is impossible to deny the appeal of the Slip N Slide. Kids and adults alike will be lining up for their turn at this marvelous creation. Another great aspect of this game – it’s cheap! Whether you buy one or decide to make it yourself, you shouldn’t spend over $25 for a whole summer of fun.

Super Soakers/Water Blasters

The Super Soaker and its competition have been a major summer commodity since Mobile native Lonnie Johnson first invented it in the 1980s. This is a great social activity if your child has friends over. There are not many better ways to get a whole neighborhood involved than having everyone chasing each other, trying not to get hit by water. These toys can cost below $10, and they go up in price as they get nicer and more powerful.

Do It Yourself

There are thousands of fun ideas for water fun in the summer. You can get as simple or creative as you would like! Water balloons, running through sprinklers, and bubbles are all easy. For little kids, a plastic kiddie pool with various toys is a simple but entertaining time. Visit Pinterest or another hobby site if you are having a hard time gathering ideas for water games. Even better – ask your kids what they have in mind! While they do say the darndest things, you will probably end up with some pretty creative ideas.

Stay Hydrated While Playing in Water

While you are having fun swimming, spraying, and sliding it is a MUST to remember to get your family to drink water often. Even when your kids say they are not thirsty, make sure they are drinking. It is very easy to get dehydrated in the summer – especially in the South. Contact us today for delivered water bottles and Gatorade for your summer activity needs.