The Key to Controlling Your Appetite

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There are so many claimed “fix-all” solutions to weight loss out there. From diets to pills, each method works differently for each individual. We sometimes ignore potential health risks by eating too much of something or not enough of something else. We may even choose to ignore side effects from medication. That cannot be healthy! So, what’s the answer? Water Way of Birmingham, AL, has the key to controlling your appetite: water.

It’s as simple as that. Keep reading.

Hydration Against Hunger

Often, when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty! So instead of eating empty calories, drink water. Your body is telling you that you are dehydrated. If you begin to feel hungry, try drinking a full glass of water. After about half an hour, see if you are still hungry. If you are, then eat! Try a healthy snack, and opt out of a soda. If you find you are not hungry after thirty minutes, you just succeeded in controlling your appetite with water!

The right amount of water helps control your appetite. It is recommended that women drink an average of 9 glasses of water a day and that men drink 10-13. Unlike eating an entire bag of chips, drinking water keeps you hydrated as well as full.

Trick Your Tummy

Drinking water throughout the day fills your stomach with water. It makes you feel full and takes up space that you might usually fill with junk food and mid-day snacks. You can make yourself feel more full using sparkling or flavored water. Try these simply delicious summer water recipes for a little twist: Spruce Up Your Water!

The best way to keep full is to keep drinking! With water delivery to your home, you can have water on hand at all times. It’s just like the office with a water cooler that supplies fresh, spring water for your whole family to enjoy.

Water is not only good for your tummy. It’s good for your mind, your muscles, and your joints. Water keeps your body lubricated and healthy. Make sure you’re getting enough water!

Water Way Makes Drinking Water Easy!

It’s simple. The natural, easy solution to controlling your appetite is drinking more water. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Water Way of Birmingham, AL, today to set up water delivery for your home or office!