Keeping Your Fish’s Water Clean

keep fish bowl fresh

Happy National Aquarium Month! This is a great time to visit your local aquarium, as well as focus on how to keep your personal fish bowl clean. Water to a fish is like air to a human: necessary to live and not fun to breathe when dirty! It is very important that if you are considering becoming a fish owner, you know the proper way to take care of their water.

Adjusting to a New Home

Getting your first fish is an exciting time. No one could blame you for rushing home and immediately dumping them in your brand new aquarium. However, that is not the best thing for your new fish friend!

Your fish needs to become acclimated to the water chemistry of your bowl, which can take various amounts of time depending on how strong the chemistry of the water is and the type of fish. Ask the store you got the fish from what is best for that specific fish, and do some research online to get the best feel for how long it will take to get acclimated. As for temperature acclimation, let your fish and the bag you bought it in float in your tank for 15 to 45 minutes to get adjusted.

Tank Setup

Fish are sensitive creatures, so be sure to give your tank some space from heat and air conditioning units. You also don’t want to have a too-cluttered fish bowl, as this reduces oxygen and increases waste. While the occasional water castle is fine, make sure your new gilled friend has plenty of room to roam around.

Cleaning and Changing Water

Your fish is a great and strong creature, but it will also depend on you to handle some cleaning it can’t do on its own. This includes changing the water and cleaning the aquarium. When it comes to changing water, you don’t have to worry about changing the whole tank. You will be fine if you replace about a quarter of the water once a month and filter out floating particles. Tap water is not great for your fish, so make sure to use a higher quality water. If algae starts to build up across the sides of your tank, make sure to clear it out. Not only will this let you and your aquatic pal see each other better, it also lets him breathe easier!

Water Way Is for Fish, Too!

While we usually tend to market our products to humans, our water is is top-quality for fish tanks as well. We deliver fresh, pure spring water to your business or home. Contact us to learn more!