The Interesting Background of Ice Rinks

ice rink

The thought of ice rinks brings up happy memories for millions of people across the world, and for good reason! Between watching our favorite hockey teams playing, cheering on figure skaters at the Winter Olympics, or hanging out with friends in the winter – we’ve all spent some time on the rink. But have you ever considered what goes on behind the scenes? We explore the history and process of designing ice rinks below.


Ice skating originally began as a necessity – a means of getting across frozen waterways during harsh winters. However, the growing popularity of various ice-related activities led to ice rinks being built in London, New York, and other large cities in the late 1800s. Not longer after, a couple of entrepreneurs began constructing rinks across Canada and the northwestern United States. Lester and John Patrick opened their first indoor rink on December 25, 1912. Fast forward to 2017, and Canada alone has over 8,000 rinks, with countries like the United States, Russia, Sweden, and China not far behind!

How It’s Made

While ice may be the only thing we see at a rink, there are many layers that go into making these fun-filled arenas. Filtration systems are used to deionize the water, which allows the clear ice to be formed. Below the layer of ice is a chilled concrete slab, which is then followed by a thick layer of insulation. Even further down is another layer of concrete, only this one is heated. At the bottom is a sedimentary base, along with a drain for groundwater at the bottom. A series of pipes runs through the rink, which uses a substance such as brinewater to create the perfect ice surface on the chilled concrete slab without freezing the pipes.

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