Improve Your Workplace With a Coffee Bar

coffee bar

You’re running late to the office, zipping through the front lobby like a Heisman running back in an SEC football game. As you race toward your grey-speckled cubicle, you toss your coat across the chair and make a beeline down the hall for the favorite part of your day. 

It’s coffee time—the priority of all priorities. 

Can you relate? Over 3/4 of U.S. employees can, living by a boost at the workplace coffee bar each workday. Employees love it, and so do their supervisors for the following six reasons.

Gets the Work Juices Flowing

Kick back a cup or two of coffee and you’re well on your way to a more productive day of task mastering. That’s because coffee helps your brain block the chemical adenosine, which makes you feel sleepy. Your brain stays alert with a crazy boost of energy that helps you get things done. No wonder so many people head to the office coffee bar several times a day.

Improves Focus for Faster Learning

Caffeine plays a powerful part in helping you zone in for improved processing of information, and it only takes about two cups of coffee to do it. Caffeine also helps lower forgetfulness for up to 24 hours, which makes heading to the coffee bar before an office training or certification class a smart thing to do. 

Ups the Office Morale

Maintaining a coffee bar at the office gives employees something to look forward to on a regular day. Keeping a few special flavors on hand provides an additional perk that makes employees happy to be where they are, sharing good vibes and good coffee with co-workers.

Keeps Employees at the Office

Employees crave their coffee, so they’ll get it one way or another. By creating a convenient and enticing coffee bar, your employees are less likely to head out of the office for a latte or be delayed in the morning commute. 

Encourages Employee Interaction

Conversation doesn’t just happen at the water cooler. Coffee bar visits make for great shop talk with fellow employees from around the office. Coffee talks can break down social barriers, widen perspectives, generate ideas, and offer support in working together.

Shows Employee Appreciation

Nothing says “I love you” like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Your employees will feel appreciated every time they head to the coffee bar. In today’s world, a good job isn’t just about money. More and more, employees are looking for those extra, non-monetary benefits when choosing or evaluating a job. 

Keep the Conversation Going With Your Own Coffee Bar

Creating a coffee bar for your workplace doesn’t have to be hard. Water Way can do it for you, handling all the details from the equipment down to the creamer. From Starbucks to Folgers, slow-drip to K-cup, coffee can be ordered by the case or by the pallet for direct shipping to your office. Working remotely? No problem! We can ship it to your doorstep
To learn more about our products, including local water deliveries to your business, give us a call.