How Water Way Serves Clients During COVID-19

water delivery

To say we live in weird times would be an understatement. People are panic buying everything under the sun––bulk water cases, cleaning supplies, and towers of toilet paper. 

Put simply, COVID-19 has interrupted our everyday routines on the most basic levels––from social distancing, to the items we buy at grocery stores––and will continue to do so. Despite the crazy, changing times, our delivery is still the same––with a few sanitary protocols put into place. Keep reading for more information.

We’re An Essential Business

Under COVID-19 guidelines, Water Way has been classified as an essential service provider. What does this mean? We are continuing to deliver water and other products to our customers. Aside from a few important sanitation adjustments, we are operating our business just as we normally do. To ensure the safety of our customers, we are strictly adhering to “social distancing” guidelines, following our normal procedures regarding quality control, and providing safe drinking products and sanitized equipment. 

What You Can Do

Currently, Water Way has had no instances of employees with COVID-19 symptoms and we are working extra hard to keep it that way. When possible, we are asking that our customers leave their empty bottles outside on their route day. Out of an abundance of caution, we advise that you wipe down the neck of the bottle and handle prior to putting it on the cooler. For extra safety measures, we ask that all of our customers not refill already used containers from the water cooler spigots to avoid contamination.

We can assure you that our bottles are rigorously sanitized prior to delivery, and our water is always safe to drink.

We’re Here to Help

If, for any reason, you need a prompt water delivery, make sure to contact us to let us know about increased water needs. If you have any questions about your water delivery service during the COVID-19 pandemic, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our office. As our customer, you are of the utmost priority, and we want to make sure your needs are met during a time of emergency. We will continue to serve you the best quality water, and we only ask that you adhere to our safety policy. 
For more information, please contact Water Way.