How to Donate Water

donating water

Donating water has become something that many people have felt called to do in the wake of recent disasters, but not everybody is sure about the best way to do so. Water will always be needed in certain locations throughout the world, but a recent uptick in water-related chaos has brought the issue front and center. The Flint, Michigan crisis that began in 2014 raised a lot of awareness, and more recent disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have only bolstered the need for water donations. Keep reading for some of the best ways to donate water!


Donating makes giving to those in need easy – all you have to do is purchase a product or give money to an organization, and they will get the water there for you! There are countless wonderful groups for this very purpose, including,,, and Not only do they handle donations, but they provide various ways you can help – some of which you may not have considered before.

Times of crisis open up new methods for donating. Many companies will match their employees’ donations and take care of sending the donations to the proper charity. There will also be options through social media platforms and various businesses (both large and small). There isn’t a wrong way to donate, just make sure that the charity is legitimate first. If you are giving money to a relief campaign, you can normally check the percentage of donations that go directly to the cause.


Just like many other causes, there is the option to participate in competitive events that use the proceeds to make a positive impact for water-needing communities. One of the biggest examples of this would be TEAM Water, which was co-founded by Matt Damon. These events allow for donations in addition to plenty of exposure through news articles, television, and social media!

Thank You for Caring

Having people ask us how they can donate water is an incredibly uplifting experience. It’s comforting to know that no matter what disasters occur, the citizens of the world will rally together to help those in need. Contact us for more information about the quality of our water and our delivery and filter services!

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