A Guide to Hand-Washing Clothes

washing clothes by hand

Although it seems like laundry and dryer units should be easily accessible in today’s times, there are many instances where one may need to wash clothes by hand. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think!


The items needed for washing clothes by hand are simple, but it is very important that you acquire the right type. Just like with a washer, the detergent and water temperature are very important to get right. Read the label of your clothing for the proper levels. If there is no label, a mild detergent can be used with lukewarm water. Something to contain your water, preferably a bathtub or sink, will be needed as well. If you are backpacking or in a more desperate situation, bags and buckets will work as well. The last thing you will need is a towel and, if possible, something to hang your clothes on.


Fill your container with water and add the appropriate amount of detergent. If you are only washing one or two items, a teaspoon should be enough. After you have added the detergent, dip your clothing completely in the water and move it back and forth. Do this for a couple of minutes, or until it is apparent the item is clean. Once you are done with the detergent-filled water, empty your container and refill it with pure water. Dip your clothing back in the tub, this time to remove the soapy water.


After you have cleared your clothes of soap, it is time to dry! You will want to remove as much water as possible from your clothes my pressing or squeezing it out. Once this step is complete, you can lay your clothing on the towel, roll up the towel, and lightly press down to absorb more water. If you have a rack available to hang clothes on, now is the time to take advantage. If not, don’t worry! Find a flat surface and routinely flip the clothing over until both sides are dry.

Pure Water Equals Pure Clothes

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