Good Coffee Starts With Good Water!

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It’s what we all rely on every morning to wake up. Some claim that it makes them feel smarter. Others are sure it curbs their appetite. Many rely on it to keep their digestive systems running smoothly. Whatever the reason, most can agree that coffee is a true hero!

But, what separates a good cup of coffee from a bad one? Taste! In order to enjoy coffee to its fullest, it has to taste good! So, how do you get that delicious coffee taste?

(Don’t stop with the perfect cup of coffee! Drink the perfect cup of water, too!)

Coffee Tips From Self-Proclaimed Coffee Snobs

Perhaps the most important step in creating a delectable cup of coffee is choosing the beans. You want to get beans that are 100% arabica, because robusta beans are harsh and bitter. Once you get your beans, immediately transfer them over to an airtight container. Coffee beans can lose some flavor as they age. Air tight containers will keep them fresh. A mason jar would be perfect!

For an impeccable cup, time is of the essence. Get your coffee pot ready with a filter, and start grinding your beans into a fine grind. (Freshly-ground coffee is the best coffee.) Two tablespoons of ground beans per six ounces of water is the perfect ratio. Never brew your coffee with water hotter than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will burn the coffee and yield an acidic taste.


All of the above steps are great, but choosing your water could make or break your coffee. Whether you are buying cheap corporate coffee, or splurging on the best beans, your water choice must be considered! 

All waters have different elements to them that can affect the flavor of coffee. Fortunately, scientists have tested how minerals change flavor, and provided the world with the answers. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium. High calcium levels will make coffee taste sour. High magnesium levels encourage extraction, thus producing a delicious woodsy taste. Soft water is too weak to extract the millions of flavors our taste buds know and love, and should therefore be avoided.

Knowing all that we know, it has been concluded that fresh spring water is absolutely the best water for brewing coffee!

Spring Water Delivery Service

If you want to make sure you are making the best pot of coffee every morning, in your office or home, you need to call a spring water delivery service. Having fresh spring water at your disposal at all times is great for your mind, body, and soul…and a perfect cup of coffee couldn’t hurt!

At Water Way, we strive to curate the freshest spring water available and deliver it to you promptly, so you never have to run out. Contact us today to learn more about how our spring water delivery service works – and perk up in the morning with the delicious coffee you need to keep going.