Feeling the Heat This Summer? Make Sure to Keep Your Kids Cool!

keeping kids hydrated

It is almost summer — every kid’s favorite time of year! Sorry Christmas and Halloween, but it’s hard to beat months of playing outside with friends and going on adventures with family. During all this fun, though, it is easy to forget how important it is to drink water – and plenty of it! Let’s go over some tips on how to make sure we stay healthy and hydrated this summer.

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late

We have some pretty hectic days as parents, and it can be easy to wait until our child tells us they are thirsty to get them something to drink. By the time they tell us they are thirsty, however, our kids are already a little dehydrated.

Water needs to be available throughout the day, and it needs to actually be consumed! Start early in the day and set break times where everyone can sit down for a minute and hydrate their body back to a healthy level. If you have a hard time remembering, it may help to have a reminder system in place. You can set reminders on your phone or have a written system to help you remember to bring out the water.

Make Sure to Drink Enough

It can be easy to think we have had enough water, or more than enough, when in reality we have not consumed as much as necessary. Teenagers and adults need at least eight cups a day, and toddlers need to have at least four. If your kids are having a hard time drinking water, try infusing fruit or buying flavored water! Another fun summertime option is making popsicles. This gives you an activity to do together, and keeps you hydrated longer.

Have Water Easily Available

Even with reminding your kids to drink often and bringing drinks out on a hot day, it is still good to have water available for kids to easily reach. Having a water dispenser or cooler available with cold water is a great way to make sure anyone that wants a drink can get one without having to ask.

Water Way Can Help!

Let us help you stay hydrated this summer! We provide all sizes of water bottles, and we can deliver directly to your home. We are aware of the dangers of hot summer days, and we provide quality service to get you the water you need quickly. Contact us today for more information.