How We Ensure the Quality of Our Water

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At Water Way, we’re proud of our bottled water delivery service – because we’re proud of our water.

No one wants anything less than the purest, freshest, most delicious drinking water. Whether you’re using it to brew coffee or just drinking it out of a mug, drinking water is better when you can guarantee the quality.

So how do we guarantee the quality of our water?

For starters, it’s not easy to produce water that is crisp, refreshing, and safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of regulating bottled water, which means that as a bottled water producer, we’re required to meet certain obligations under the law.

These obligations include meeting rigorous standards. Fortunately, our products don’t only meet those standards; they exceed them, which is verified by laboratory tests.

That’s because we don’t just accept any water. We carefully choose spring water sources and carefully monitor the processing steps to make sure our high standards are met. We also only use approved sources of water that don’t exceed limits for physical, microbiological, chemical, and radiological substances in the water. That’s how you know it’s safe to drink.

Why Spring Water Is Special

At Water Way, we choose to use spring water because we think it’s the cleanest, most delicious water on the planet.

Spring water has several advantages over purified water. For example, with spring water, we pay attention to the source. For purified water, you don’t have to account for the source since the water has to go through a rigorous screening process. You could be drinking purified tap water for all you know.

Spring water is also water as it’s meant to be, which means it is not only clean, but it’s well balanced with the right amount of alkaline – which helps balance your body’s pH levels.

Additionally, with spring water, you’re assured that you’re not just drinking from a metropolitan water supply, which is usually the case with purified water.

Finally, spring water just tastes better. That’s a big reason why we use it in our home and office water delivery service – because it provides the crisp, clean taste no other water source can match.

Get Bottled Water Delivered to Your Home or Office

Countless customers from all over the Southeast depend on us to deliver fresh spring water to their homes and offices, to keep them refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.

If you want to get the same great product and the same great service, contact us – we’ll be happy to share with you how we deliver the best water to the best customers.