Drought 101: What to Know


Droughts have been making plenty of headlines in recent years. California was in an infamously long stretch of dryness, and Alabama has faced its own share of dangerously waterless months. Unlike other natural disasters, droughts slowly creep into fruition before leaving chaos in their paths. But what exactly causes this to happen, and what measures need to be taken if we find ourselves in a drought? Keep reading to learn!


There are multiple reasons a drought could happen, and each one is equally dangerous. The first factor is what most of us probably think of – low precipitation. When it doesn’t rain, the ground will begin to suffer. This is especially severe in crop-yielding areas. Another cause is a lack of surface water. This is when a river or stream that a population depends on dries up. Humans can also create droughts, with cutting down trees being a major factor. This reduces the amount of cover for surface water, which increases evaporation. Many people would also point to global warming as a factor, due to the warmer temperatures causing increased dryness and fires.


When a drought occurs, the effects are widespread. Animals, plants, and humans are all damaged by the lack of water. The lack of hydration ruins crops, which in turn creates resource issues, as well as financial problems for the farmers and the businesses they deal with. Animals that live in the water will perish if their homes dry up, and land animals will move to new locations in search of water, where they may not survive. Droughts also create health issues for humans in the area due to limited water and the anxiety that comes with it. For example, in California, people were getting fined for using too much water or using it in inappropriate ways.

What to Do

Education and preparation are crucial for combating a drought. Understanding the environment around you, the likeliness of a drought, and what to do if one occurs is very important. Decreasing the amount of water pollution is also needed to help reduce the amount of contamination of our surface drinking water, which becomes used more during droughts. Being wise with the water we use, even when not in a drought, is important for having reserves and being prepared if a drought occurs. Many of us treat water as an unlimited source, which is not reality.

Have Water Ready

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