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Drinking Water During Pregnancy

drinking water

Pregnancy is a scary, but awesome time for a family. Expectant mothers want and need to take care of their bodies – and thus, their babies – as much as possible, which means learning what foods to eat, what substances to avoid, and other tips and tricks to make it through the long nine months.

Surprisingly, pregnant women and their doctors don’t often focus on the one thing that is really important, yet often goes under the radar: drinking water.

Drinking water is essential for life, naturally, but it’s also extremely important for an expectant mother. Here’s why.

Why Staying Hydrated Is So Important

Your body can’t function properly without enough water, even if you’re not pregnant. It’s even more true when you are pregnant

Staying hydrated makes it easier for your body to transport vital nutrients to you and your baby. Since your baby gets everything it needs from the mother, he or she will depend on what you put into your body. And you need to be putting a lot of water so your baby is well-nourished.

Also, staying hydrated avoids the nasty symptoms that come with dehydration. Pregnancy can be unpleasant; it’s even worse when you are feeling dizzy, or are getting headaches and muscle aches and cramps from being dehydrated.

Some of those unwanted symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness and cramping, can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water.

So, water delivers nutrients, fights off unpleasant dehydration symptoms, and helps alleviate some of the side effects of pregnancy.

How Much Water Is Needed?

Short answer: a lot.

Longer answer: According to the American Pregnancy Association, a pregnant woman should drink 10 glasses of water a day. That’s above what a non-pregnant person should be drinking, so you’ll have to down a couple more glasses.

If you’re staying active while working out, it’s even more important to drink extra.

The easiest way is to buy a nice, reusable water bottle and keep it filled – and near you – at all times. Sip on it continuously throughout the day and you’ll be fine.

Being pregnant can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. Just make sure it’s as pleasant as possible for you and baby by doing something every pregnant woman should do: drink lots of water!

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