Drinking Hot Water Has Amazing Health Benefits

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What’s more refreshing than a cold glass of water? Not much! But have you ever considered drinking hot water instead?

While a hot glass of water may not quench your thirst after a workout, it can have some amazing effects! As an Alabama water delivery service, we know a few things about how drinking hot water can benefit the human body. Let’s take a look.

Easy on Digestion

While drinking liquids of any kind can aid with the breaking down of waste, hot water does it faster — much faster! This makes the food you love easier to digest (so maybe you can have that pizza for dinner tonight).

(Speaking of pizza, are you on a diet? Water may be the secret to your weight loss!)

Consequently, when food moves through our intestines easily, we are less prone to the agonizing pain of constipation.

Bye Bye Toxins!

Hot water can flush toxins out of our bodies! Did you know that toxins cause fatigue, brain fog, allergies, and even illness? Drinking hot water raises your temperature, which helps you sweat out the toxins that have been plaguing your body.

Additionally, hot water can help get rid of a lingering cold. It loosens phlegm, cleaning out your nasal passageways and providing some sore throat relief. Clearing out those passageways may be your first step towards a full recovery. It’s time to kiss that cold goodbye!

A Good Look in the Mirror

Ridding your body of toxins is helpful in a variety of ways, but what’s most noticeable is how it can help improve your appearance. Eliminating toxins can lead to clearer skin, as they are the main cause for acne-related infections. No more fearing the mirror!

But wait, the makeover doesn’t stop there! Detoxing with hot water can also strengthen your hair and prevent premature aging. How? Drinking hot water aids in repairing skin cells. As the cells are rebuilt, our skin’s elasticity gets stronger, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles and tightening any that already exist. Finally, hot water awakens our nerve endings, encouraging the roots of our hair to grow.

Alabama Water Deliver Service

As you can see, drinking hot water is a great idea for your health, but stay away from tap water! Hot tap water may be convenient, but your water heater could contain metals or bacteria harmful to your health.

Instead, try investing in a water cooler. Water Way is an Alabama water delivery service that brings a cooler of fresh spring water to your home whenever you need it. Plus, water coolers come with a hot water tab, providing you with fast, convenient, and safe hot drinking water! Contact us today to start drinking the crisp, clean spring water you deserve!