Drink More Water This New Year

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It’s 2016! A new year calls for new beginnings. That is why millions of people come up with New Year’s resolutions. Everyone loves a fresh start because it feels like a do-over. Sure, you may have had an unhealthy 2015, but now it’s 2016! It is time to start over.

Make the resolution to better your health, and stick to it! One of the greatest and easiest ways to improve your health (and maybe lose a little bit of weight) is to drink more water. Let’s talk about the ways in which increasing your water intake can help you lose weight and improve your overall health, and how a home water delivery service can help you carry out your resolution!

Decrease Your Weight With Water

So you want to lose weight this year? Start by increasing the amount of water you drink. Water can help you lose or maintain your weight in a number of ways.

First, water can reduce bloating. Water retention is one of the main reasons people have trouble losing those extra few pounds. It may seem counterproductive to reduce water weight by drinking more water, but it isn’t. Water weight is actually caused from dehydration. When your body is lacking the fluids it needs, it chooses to store as much water away as it can, causing bloating. Get rid of that belly by giving your body what it is asking for: water!

Second, water is proven to help reduce calorie intake. Multiple studies have shown that people eat less if they drink a glass of water before their meals. This is because water makes us feel full. In 2016, try drinking a large glass of water before every meal and craving. We think you will be surprised at how easy and helpful this little trick is!

Finally, water keeps us going. One of the top causes of lethargy is dehydration. By hydrating, you become more awake. This means you will move around more, and expend that extra energy. Any extra bit of motion is crucial to burn fat. Water also hydrates your muscles. When we workout, we sweat. When muscles run out of water through perspiration, they get tired. If you want to try to intensify your workout routines to help you lose weight, you will have to increase your water consumption as well!

Water Helps Your Whole Body

Maybe your resolution isn’t just to lose weight, but to achieve greater health in all aspects of your life. Water can help you with this too! Just look:

  • Kidneys extract waste found in our body and converts it to urine. This helps our bodies maintain a healthy balance. They could not operate without water.
  • Skin developed impurities when toxins are not properly disposed of. Water aids in flushing out toxins, leaving skin clean and clear.
  • Water reduces aches and pains.
  • Water keeps our digestive systems running properly.
  • Water can aid in preventing illnesses.
  • Water can increase productivity by promoting clearer thinking in the brain.

There you have it – the first step in achieving a healthier you is to drink more water! Sure, it’s not the only step, but it’s a great (and easy) first step.

Order A Home Water Delivery Service

While increasing your water intake may seem super easy, it still has it’s challenges. The first challenge is the purity of the water. If you are increasing your water intake with impure water, you may end up making yourself sick. Spring water is the purest form of water that still carries critical nutrients your body needs. Drinking spring water will most definitely increase your health.

(Learn about the difference between spring water and purified water!)

The second challenge is to overcome habit. You aren’t use to drinking multiple cups of water a day. How do you remember to do it? One great option is by ordering a home water delivery service. A home water delivery service can bring pure, cool, refreshing, and healthy spring water right to your door. The addition of a spring water cooler in your home will remind you to drink up every time you pass it!

What are you waiting for? Water Way wants to be your home water delivery service to help you make 2016 the year you finally maintain your resolutions!