Dorm Life: The 5 Appliances You Need to Survive

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Dorm life can be insane! It can be stressful, fun, and exhausting, all at the same time. Well, don’t worry! The Water Way of Alabama has got your back. Here are the five appliances you need to survive college.

#1 Coffee Maker

College can mean the most exciting and fun time of your life. It can also mean the most sleep-deprived time of your life! Long hours and late nights require a little caffeine. Energy drinks are great, but there’s nothing like waking up and drinking a nice, warm cup of coffee. Ain’t nobody got time (nor the budget) to trek all the way to a coffee shop every morning.

Arm yourself with a quality coffee maker so you can brew that perfect cup of joe! Good coffee starts with good water, and that’s why you need access to fresh spring water.

#2 Water Cooler

Water from your dorm water fountain may not be undrinkable. But filtered water is surely better for you, and water bottles add up. Plus, fresh spring water simply tastes better! Purified water is not always good enough. Look into spring water delivery from a trustworthy water delivery company in Birmingham, AL.

Having a water cooler in your dorm will give you access to fresh water whenever you need it (even if that’s at 2:00 in the morning!). Home water coolers are becoming increasingly popular, and they help you stay healthy, productive, and hydrated.

It can be easy to get addicted to Red Bull or Gatorade, but water is where it’s at! Without water, our muscles and organs have a harder time functioning, leaving us tired and slow. Don’t slow yourself down! Put your best foot forward by staying hydrated and healthy. Invest in a water cooler and convenient spring water delivery.

#3 Mini Fridge

Whether it’s morning-after cold pizza or the ever-so-cherished Mom’s leftovers, you need a place to store food! A mini fridge is basically vital. Get yourself a quality one that won’t leak, and if you’re concerned about aesthetic, look into one with a colorful exterior or one that can hold magnets, notes, and pictures on its door!

#4 Microwave

Don’t like your leftover pizza cold? You’re going to need a microwave! Check with your RA before bringing in any microwaves, toasters, or grills. Most universities allow you to have a microwave, but it’s always good to double check so you don’t end up violating a dorm rule.

#5 Bluetooth Speakers

Lastly, if you’re on a mission to survive college, you’re simply going to need a music-playing apparatus in your dorm room! We suggest Bluetooth speakers so that anyone can be the DJ for a night.

Water Way Delivery Has Got Your Back!

When it comes to dorm life, we’ve got one piece of advice: Do it big! Enjoy every moment. When it comes to water, we’ve got something even better — convenient water delivery. Learn more about us! Contact Water Way today.