Distilled Water: What Is It Used For?


As a water delivery service, we find all water to be amazing, but today we want to talk about distilled water. Distilled water is more than just your average water. Distilled water is the purest form of water. Unlike spring water, which contains minerals, and purified water, which contains microbes, distilled water is empty.

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Distilled water is formed by boiling water and capturing its vapor, and it is used in a number of different industries.

Distilled Water In The Medical Field

Because distilled water is so pure, it is a common tool used in the medical field. Hospitals use distilled water to prepare food for their patients and sterilize materials. Surgeons use distilled water during medical procedures.

Anyone practicing medicine likely uses distilled water to wash their hands, and in laboratories. The purity assures the safety of the patient, and it’s imperative to the field.

At The Vet

Like the medical field, veterinarians also use distilled water. They too use distilled water for operations and sanitization, but they also use distilled water for intravenous injections. Intravenous injections are most commonly given to reduce fevers in our pets, and to keep them hydrated.


Distilled water is the absolute best type of water to be used in maintenance of automotives. The lead batteries that keep cars and trucks running rely on water. If the water put inside the battery isn’t completely pure, the battery can slowly deteriorate. The same problem can occur in a car’s cooling system if distilled water is not used.


Distilled water is the preferable choice for cleaning. After disinfectant has been used, distilled water can rinse away the chemicals and still leave a surface germ free. It’s also one of the only ways to wipe off a screen and avoid streaks!


Cosmetic companies use distilled water because of the purity. Skin care and makeup products have to have the cleanest water in their ingredients to ensure the safety of their customers. Impure water could cause an increase in blemishes, or worse. That is why purity is so crucial in this industry.


Finally, you can consistently find biologists using distilled water for experiments. Water impurities could ruin a difficult lab experiment, and determining the problem would be difficult. Distilled water prevents this mistake, and is also used for cleaning tools.

So, there you have it: the many industry uses for distilled water! To put it all simply, if you need to guarantee cleanliness, then distilled water is what you are looking for!

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